Twysted Services

By conducting a thorough one-on-one client consultation, our Holistic Practitioner will have the capabilities to create custom Life Enhancement Plans based on what your body truly needs and desires, concocting herbal supplements and tinctures for optimal wellness and even providing private coaching sessions to keep you focused and educated along your journey.

Wellness Consultation

1-on-1 wellness assessments, including Bio-Chemistry scan.

Identify your health needs and goals with a certified Holistic and Integrative Health Practitioner.

Schedule your initial wellness consultation today!

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Life Enhancement Products

Medicinal Teas, cooking spice blends, herbal tonics, and delicious vegetable marinades.

Twysted Indulgence’s life enhancements products are holistic, 100% organic, and toxin free.

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Custom Nutrition Plan

Your Life Enhancement Practitioner provides customized meal plans and recipes that nourish the body, mind, and spirit.

Revamp your cabinets and pantry with food that heals.

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Bio-Scan Technology

Twysted Indulgence uses the latest in Bio-Scan technology.

What is a bio scan analysis?

The bio scan analysis system uses the human magnetic field to noninvasively scan for the information received from the client’s body. There is no requirement to obtain fluids such as blood, urine or saliva from the client, and there is no risk of radiation involved while receiving the analysis. Using a four-inch, light weight, hand wand to comfortably administer the test while seated in a private and relaxed space of the client’s choice. The practitioner will guide the client through the 60-second human magnetic field analysis. Easy and safe, with results on the spot. Find out where you stand with your health and how to make the proper, well-informed decisions to move forward successfully.

Why is getting an analysis important to me?

Have you ever wanted to know exactly what those aches, pains and discomforts were that you experience? How about the fact that you may feel good but you know you could add more minerals and vitamins to the regimen, however aren’t sure which ones? Both of these are excellent reasons to get an analysis. How about the simple fact that medical fees, insurance, and copays can be taxing on the pocket, all to get a prescription pill that puts a band-aid on the problem? We are talking about individualized wellness enhancement in a matter of moments, for a fraction of the cost. The benefits of an analysis would be a full scope view of your complete internal system. You are empowered to take matters into your own hands and create a life of good health for yourself, based on your personal report. No waiting for test results, bruising from blood work, or discomfort of going to a physician’s office. Diagnosis in the comfort and privacy of your own home, and the ability to take your healing to new levels.

Why not put a TWYST on it and do some things that will create the beginning of healthy indulgences in all aspects of your life?!

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