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About Twysted Indulgence

Twysted Indulgence is a company that I created because so many people asked for it!

For the last 3 years I have traveled along a journey of self awareness and healing. During this time I educated myself in many areas of health, nutrition, meditation, energy healing and many ancient Eastern medical practices. I began and am still going through a transformation in my life that has brought me to different levels of understanding myself and how I relate to the world. Once I began to take the steps to change me, it seemed that the world began to become interested in how and what I was doing. So, I began to share bit by bit, the knowledge that I collected as I traveled along. From cooking tips, to produce selection, and even healing remedies, one by one my loved ones and strangers wanted to know what the secrets were. It was then I decided to take the advice I had given, as well as really begin to understand the needs of the people around me. With so many fads, diets, and trends in the world, people are wasting time, money and energy on practices that aren’t giving the results that they need. People want to look good, feel great, and think clearly. Possibly have more energy and stamina as well as live longer! But focusing solely on nutrition isn’t going to do the trick. Twysted Indulgence was created to bridge the gap between wanting good health, understanding the fundamentals of transition, as well as ways to achieve good health. We will help you find balance in a world where there seems to be some much chaos and confusion. Let us help you put a twyst on the way you live, so that you may indulge into all of the good things life has to offer. We specialize in extensive personalized Zyto health scans, as well as personalized birth chart analysis and Life Enhancing plans.

Twysted Indulgence will create custom herbal supplements and tonics to enhance your body’s specific needs, and offer one on one, or group coaching sessions to stay on track with your wellness goals. So, if you’re ready to twyst this year into a more indulging journey of better health goals, excellent decisions, and more opulent life, then join Twysted Indulgence for a Life Enhancing experience!

LaToya Kidd White
CEO of Twysted Indulgence

Our Mission

The mission of Twysted Indulgence is assisting individuals in obtaining a more clear perspective of their personal health journey, and to guide them into the direction of successfully accomplishing their wellness goals.

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